19. Thailand Part1

Because you get only a 15 days permission by overland entry to Thailand, I have to separate the trip in several parts. This also fits for my travel route trough south Asia. First I met my father in Phitsanulok, where we went to a local museum and a buddha sculpture factory.

Chris and Buddha in relation.. 😛

Then further in Sukhothai we went by bicycle to the „little Angkor Wat“, a historical center with a lot of „Wat’s“ and temples.

A Wat on a island


I didn’t took the foto, it’s not my fault!

The complex is quiet big, so it was a good choice to take a bicycle. And in the evening i showed Chris how to play shit head. Hey! I have to take care about my self t cold turkey about playing games! 😀

Chris by bike


Next destination was already the border to Myanmar. We got luck, that we got to Myanmar without spend a night somewhere in between. And so I can only say, that the landscape on the road is very beautiful! If anybody has the change to do the same, go for it!


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