17. Vietnam

Heey, time for some updates!

More Photos you will find as usual in my Dropbox.

The Border crossing to Vietnam was quite easy, and the first difference (of many) what I remarked was the noise in the street. Because in China nearby all drives a electrical motorcycle, walking in the street is not so terrible for my ears than in Hanoi. So the first thing what I’ve done after check in in the hostel was finding a park to chill out.

Park Công viên Thỗng Nhất

For the next Day I bought a tour to the Perfume Pagoda,I was really surprised that we met nearby no other tourists… But on Vietnamese New Year in the middle of February this place would be crowded by many local tourists.

Searching adventures for Indiana Jones

The pagoda is build in a big cave, and the atmosphere was really mystic there.

The Perfume pagoda

On the Way back with the boat, we could enjoy the beautiful landscape a second time.

Group Foto

In the Evening we went together to a water puppets theater in Hanoi. It was really funny, even I didn’t understand a word…


I was not really sure about having a trip to halon bay, because I’ve heard a lot of bad experiences, but I thought that in Cát Bà it would be better, so I booked a tour, and I was right. Even we didn’t sleep on the boat, and the whether was cold and not for swimming, we had a nice journey trough these great costal region.

Gold finger island, James Bond

In the middle of the way, we sit in kayaks and went through a cave to visit the monkeys living there.

No, please dont make a Eskimo roll in this time!

Arrived on the Island I was surprised, because I booked for a dorm room and got a single very beautiful Bungalow!

Best for chill out

For dinner, we went for a short hike on the top of the island. The guide said, it would be a easy hike…

Not really easy, but great experience!

Next day I went alone for the other of the two hikes on this little Island to the sunrise beach to the other side, and in the way were waiting some pigs for me. Cuute!

Free pigs of course... But anyway, where they went go?

Then we went back to Hanoi with average 40 km/h, (faster is not possible) and took the night train to Lào Cai, near the Chinese border. The tourist office sold me a ticket to the next day, but on the train station was it easy to fix the problem. Nice and helping people!

In the morning then with a mini Bus direct to Sa Pa, a mountain Village with a lot of hiking possibilities. Because of the foggy and cloudy whether I didn’t went to a 2-day hike, but I did a short one for my own to a nearby village and surrounding.

A lot of rice fields everywhere

On the touristic path is also a small waterfall located. Sorry, it is a big one of course! 😉

Small or big? Everything is relative...
Children are playing on my way

The day after, I went directly to Laos with a overnight bus and a short stop in Điện Biên Phủ.

Nice and beautiful sleep neighbours in the sleeping bus

In the bus was a poor local women very sick the whole journey long, and could only puke all the time. Very lucky that the bus had a good air conditioning system.

Hello Laos!

Next: Laos, the country with the worst road condition the happiest people.

18. Laos Part 1

First City in Laos was Oudomxay, but I went only for one Night, because there is not much to do. Next Morning I went to Luang Namtha and decided to book a 3 days hiking tour trough the primary and secondary rain forest. We were a great group and had a lot to laugh together.

Must be an interesting Landscape...

In the first night, we had a stay within the forest. In the night, after 6 o’Clock were a lot of different sounds around…

Stay for the first night; hard & cold but beautiful

Blub blub! (Insider)

Really good Food! Lunchtime!

But yeah, big animals, apart from the villages, were not visible on the way.

The Village, somewhere in the forest

The Village has its own School, but there were no students by our visit…. Where they are?

The school in the Village, with our teacher Boy

Ah yeah, of course, its holiday, and they are playing outside!

The kids never went boring, always they know something to do, and always laughing!

Thanks for the great time to Frank, Jungle Ninja, Corinna, Honey Hannie, Patty, and of course our Guide, Boy.

Then I had to go back to Oudomxay to meet Daniel from Switzerland for one night, before I went directly to Vientiane, to apply for the Myanmar Visa. I was surprised that it would be cheaper than in Hanoi, and I like the quiet, little Capital of Laos on the Mekong, near the Thai border really, so no problem for me to spend a little more time here.

The "vertical runway" Patuxay, the cement was a gift from USA to build a new airport...
Vientiane's main street

But here is not much to see, some temples, the COPE centre (Information about cluster bombs) and a Buddha Park one hour bus drive away.

The buddha park

On the way to the Buddha park I met Joe, a Lao English teacher, who invited my for dinner in his house.

Joe with his house

And the day after I had a Dinner with the whole Family, who are living in summertime in Paris…. From now I’ve a Lao Name: Mr. Dee, what means Mr. Good!

My new Family

So, I hope after some misunderstandings with the Hostel to pick up finally my Myanmar Visa here and meet my Father in Thailand…


Kurzer Wortwitz zwischendurch:
Wenn man & Frau tired (englisch für müde) ist, ist man & Kind dann auch gerädert? 🙂

Erklärung der Assoziation:
Der Reifen, Pneu (englisches Wort Tyre) muss auf den Felgen aufgezogen werden, in sämischer Sprache auch rädern genannt.

Bitte nicht schlagen!