23. Laos Part2


After a little tricky border crossing, because of new year and some angry tourists, who didn’t wanted to pay the stamping fee at the custom, I arrived Don Det (better known as the 1000 islands) and could hang out in my hammock.

My Bungalow in Don Det

I really wanted to do some real kayaking, but in this time was only able to do some paddling tour… Anyway, i joined the group and had a nice time near the biggest waterfalls in south east Asia, the Khone Papheng Falls near to the Cambodian border (see main picture).

They call them kayak, I don't know why

After having some parties and meeting some good people, I left for Savannakhet and decided to not go any more north in Laos for being faster in Indonesia. After a 12 hours bus trip, what should have been only 8 hours (yes, still the new year problem..) I found with other travellers a nice Guesthouse. I thought to make a Ho chi minh tour from there, but for me alone it had cost over 300 USD for a 2 Day trip, which was way to expensive for me. So I enjoyed the Invitation from the Lao people there before leaving to Thailand for the third time… 🙂

Nice people everywhere

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