14. South Korea Part 2

So then, after that I realized not being able to get a Chinese Visa in Korea, I decide to spend also a little time with travelling in this beautiful Country, and I went to Jeju, a nice Volcano Island situated in the south of South Korea.

Ferry port of Jeju

There is a lot to visit, and the most things are about the Volcano Hallasan or the History of the Island. But also some sex museums are situated here, even pornography is strictly forbidden.

Stone Park
Guide for and Hallasan Volcano

The hike to Hallasan was very Impressing, but also very crowded, I thought that everybody on this Island just climbed the Volcano..

We were not alone...

Then it went windy, and all Ferry were canceled for couple of days, so I had to spend longer on this Island, but because I liked it, i t was not really hard for me… 🙂

Time for a snack! Raw, of course!

In a Hostel I met Bob, who invited me to his house and prepared me a nice dinner and next day we went to Hot springs for taking a nice bath.

Thanks Bob for the nice Time!

Then the Ferries become back to work and i went overnight (12 hours) to Busan and on the next day directly to Japan (3 hours)

For more photos see the dropbox link

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